My First Q&A!

Hey loves! Today I have something a little different for you guys! I’ve had a blog for around two years, and I realized that I’ve never done a Q&A. Recently I asked for some questions on my Instagram, and I wanted to answer a few of them for you guys!

What’s your favorite makeup brand?

That’s a super hard question! I can’t pick one favorite, but some of my favorites are The Balm (for their product consistency), Too Faced (for their adorable and unique products), and Huda Beauty (for their super high quality pigments).

High heels or flats?

I would pick high heels, because I’m 5’2 and I usually take of my shoes anyways. I figure I might as well look like I tried for a few minutes!

If you had to do a full face of any one makeup brand, which one would you choose?

I would probably choose the Balm Cosmetics. There are so many good brands, but every product I’ve tried from The Balm has been equally amazing. Plus they have a lot of every day options, which I’m so there for.

Favorite food?

Potatoes! Most of my favorite foods are made with them (Mashed Potatoes, Potato Chips, French Fries, Potato Soup, etc), so I would be good with potatoes for the rest of my life.

Any hobbies?

I’ve got a lot of hobbies including hiking, backpacking, theater, ballroom dancing, blogging (obviously), and my current favorite hobby: Aerial (more commonly known as “the stuff they do in Cirque Du Soleil”). I am currently taking classes in Aerial silks, hammock, and hoop, and I’m in love! I’ve also taken Static Trapeze classes in the past, and I’m hoping to take some Flying Trapeze classes coming up. I’ve also been a big adventurer this Summer and have really had fun going laser tagging, adventuring on different beaches and in tide pools, and stand up paddle boarding.

What’s your favorite primer?

The Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is probably my favorite!

Favorite music genre?

It changes every single day depending on my mood, but some of my current favorites are alternative rock, Latin music, and songs that I can do aerial flow to. Some of my current favorite songs are “Wild Horses” by Bishop Briggs, “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, “Omen” by Sam Smith, “Kill the Lights” and “Plastic Promises” by Set it Off, “Slow Dance” by Kelly Clarkson, “Corazón” by Maluma, and “Bara Bará Bere Beré” by Los Latinos.

What animal would you be and why?

I would be a mix between a dog and a cat (basic… I know). I picked dog because I’m pretty loyal and usually love you no matter what, and I picked cat because I don’t usually like any physical contact and can be super nice just for food.

What is the most embarrassing makeup situation you have had?

Recently, I had a situation where my skin got super dry and was peeling. I put on foundation and it would just peel off, so I definitely looked like a tiger for a few days. I’ve got another story that’s not makeup related, but it is beauty related, and it’s too good not to share. When I was really young, my parents told me we had a new shampoo, so I put in my hair what I thought was this “new shampoo.” Turns out, it was hair remover. We caught my mistake really fast though, so I was able to rinse it out quickly and not lose too much hair.

How do you get your Instagram photos to look amazing?

Honestly, a lot of work and practice. First, the process starts with taking tons of photos with good lighting on a high quality camera. Out of maybe 300 pictures, I pick around eight that I like. Then I take those photos into VSCO and/or Airbrush, put a filter on them, brighten them, and fix whatever else needs to be fixed. The best pictures go on Instagram, but some photoshoots get thrown out entirely. I’m just super picky with what I upload!

Are you religious about trims?

I’m actually not. I forget soooo often to cut my hair, so I really don’t know how it looks healthy sometimes.

What do you love about makeup the most?

I’ve always loved art (I had an art account at 14 and was actually pretty good), and the thought of being able to create art on my face gets me excited. I also have always loved drawing on my arms and legs, so being able to create art on my face is really freaking cool to me. I definitely want to start making some of my makeup more artistic too!

Would you rather be an actress or a model?

Believe it or not, I would rather be an actress. I have always had a huge love for the performing arts, and I’ve been in theater since I was really young.

What is your favorite type of facial cleanser? Oil, cream, or water based?

I like the texture of water based cleansers the most, but I feel like my cream cleansers make the biggest difference.

Straight hair or curls?

I prefer my hair curly; but it’s naturally straight and is a TON of work to curl, so I usually just leave it straight.

Coffee or Tea?

I’m definitely more of a coffee person. Fun fact though, I pretty much won’t drink anything hot besides hot chocolate, so I only drink iced tea or iced coffee.

What do you use for skincare?

I’ve been using MD Acne’s skincare for a few months, and it’s really cleared up my skin. I’ve also been recently using and LOVING the H2O Aqua Defense spray and the Farmacy Beauty Vitamin C mask!

How’d you get into makeup?

I’m actually not fully sure on this one. At a relatively young age, my parents let me wear lipstick and a few other makeup items. I remember I would wear these bright and bold lip colors, and people would tell me I was too young to be wearing makeup. I loved it, so I didn’t care what other people said, which is something I really hope I can keep to all my life. I think the artistic side of it was what really attracted me though.

Anyways, that’s all the questions I’m going to answer this time! If you want me to do another one or have more questions for the future, feel free to drop questions for next time down below! Thank you so much for reading! Bye loves!

Dress: Shein

Sunglasses: Sojos

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

3 thoughts on “My First Q&A!

  1. I really loved and enjoyed your answers 😄. I am really grateful that you replied answers to my questions ❤ bundles of love you are amazing 😘 btw those pics are super cute 🌸

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